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Maintenance and repair of flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers

The constant stress and high speeds at which flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers operate can lead to wear and tear on various parts. This requires regular maintenance and possibly the replacement of wearing parts.

To help you minimise these problems, we attach great importance to careful maintenance, regular training of your staff and close cooperation with you. We offer maintenance and repair services aimed at keeping your flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers in the best possible condition.

Our comprehensive Merchandise management system comprises more than 50,000 partswhich are installed in flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers, and we always have the right more than 10,000 spare parts in OEM quality in stock. This enables us to minimise the downtimes of your machines.

Our maintenance and care
We understand that keeping your flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers running smoothly is crucial. Our team of highly skilled technicians carry out regular maintenance to ensure your machines remain in top condition. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding costly downtime. Work proactively with us.

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Our repair: Even the best machines can occasionally require repairs. Mechanical faults, such as blocked or jammed parts, can bring machines to a standstill. These problems often require quick repairs to keep production going. And that's where we at German Graphic Systems GmbH come in. Our team is familiar with flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers and can handle even the most challenging repair tasks. Direct access to our extensive spare parts warehouse ensures short response times and rapid assistance on site.

Prompt spare parts: We have an extensive range of high quality spare parts for flatbed die cutters and folder gluers. We can help you find the right parts for your specific needs and offer fast delivery to minimise your downtime.

Telephone troubleshooting: In addition, we always endeavour to help you as quickly as possible. We are also available by telephone so that you can start troubleshooting and resolve minor problems yourself.

We work with you to ensure that your flatbed die-cutters and folder-gluers work smoothly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on what's important - moving your business forward.

Service folder gluer die cutter

Our service is optimised for these manufacturers of flatbed die-cutters, hand platens and folder gluers:

We at GGS in Viersen offer general maintenance and repair services for these manufacturers.

  • Heidelberg
  • WPM
  • Wupa
  • SBL
  • Iberica
  • Rabolini
  • Jagenberg

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