German Graphic Systems GmbH has set itself the task of delivering machines in better quality than at the time of the initial delivery.

For more than a decade, the Managing Director Gunter Bayer has already been involved in the operational business of various “machine manufacturers & distributors” and has an enormous professional competence. Together with the authorized signatory and sales manager Jörg Müller, he is responsible for the expansion of the “punching machines and folding carton gluers” field and serves as a stimulus for new ideas and business strategies.

Used machines from the premium manufacturers – such as Jagenberg, Heidelberg, Lange, Wupa or WPM – are bought back from the market by the GGS and are usually completely overhauled. This gives you quality products to optimize your production process. Only those who know the detail know that individual components must work together harmoniously if they are to function as an overall system.